We Are Movement


We Are More Than A Church To Attend  
We Are The Church On Mission.

We're much more than a church to attend, but a movement centered on the person and mission of Jesus Christ.  Movement Church is a network of city groups –  people, joined by the gospel, drawn together into the mission of Jesus Christ by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit!  City groups are the primary way to connect with others at Movement Church while  pursuing life on mission together.  We love Jesus, God’s Word, and each other.  We're taking Jesus' revolutionary message of grace, truth, and compassion to the culture.  Church Has Left The Building!


The creed is not an exhaustive explanation of the Christian faith. Rather our the Movement creed guides our decisions as a church movement.


Learn about our culture code that keep the vision clear. They create filters forhow our leaders make decisions in order to facilitate and implement the culture.


Meet our Lead Pastor and the directional team who sets the startegy of our church movement.

Church Has Left The Building!

- Dre Burgs

Mission exist becuase worship doesn't.

- Dre Burgs

"Movement is life!"

- Shawn Burgs

You don't have to say goodbye anymore.

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